SW8YA   JM99VT Acharavi city Corfu island, holiday style operation (13July to 23rd July 2016)
2m    :   IC9100 +ME1500-V, PGA103+ Preamp, 1X9el DK7ZB with elevation.
4m    :   IC9100 +ME4T-PRO Transverter, 4el G0KSC 2.1m long boom.
6m    :   IC9100 +ME1500-FD, 4el G0KSC 2.1m long boom.
70cm :   IC9100 + 12el Yagi on the balcony
HF    :   IC9100 + Vertical 20-10m.

Excellent take off and position but high HV line noise.


2m    : 100 QSO (  12x EME QSO   tropo MDX F6DRO =1600Km, lot of sea scatter)
4m    :   18 QSO ( Es, MS - S9 noise all time)
6m    : 404 QSO ( S3 noise..)
70cm :    8 QSO ( MDX 930Km sea scatter)
HF    : 107 QSO ( vy noisy)