Arduino controlled digital power control modification to analog potmeter

1.    Please open the transverter top cover.

2.    Please remove the first (from left side)  3 pin connector from the Arduino control unit. (has single red wire in center)

3.    You need  one 2K2 … 5K linear potmeter (or trimmer if you want to use fix output power)Please solder the potmeter center pin to feed thru capacitor,and the left pin to GND.

4.    Please drill a hole on frontpage to potmeter.

5.    Set the potmeter to right clockwise (max power, will be about 1.1V on feed thru cap) and on TX set the maximum needed power by „ATT” trimmer on control unit.(100 Ohm trimmer near of SMA connectors)

6.    You  are ready, see the  photo.