2m Dual-RX  specifications
        Special RX converter for 2m adaptive (EME) receiving.




Block  diagram



Frequency Coverage: 144-146MHz  band.
IF out frequency : 28-30MHz or 14-16MHz for request.
RX gain: max. 28dB ( variable btn. 15 and 28dB / channels)
RX noise figure: 1dB on both RX typically.
RX intercept point (OIP3): > +24dBm on both RX.
Stability better than 0.5ppm on room temp.
   TCXO phase noise: -150dBc on 10KHz

Input and Output's:
   -  Separate (SMA)  2m RX  ant.connectors for H and V polarization.
   -  2x SMA output IF connectors
   -  +12V,0.5A max output in case mute for ext. relays etc.
   -  PTT input for RX  mute in case transmit. ( GND)

Power supply: external, 13.8V/0.5A DC.
Size & Weight :
   WxDxH: 170x85x30mm ( incl. connectors)10dkg 

Operating environments:
   - temperature range: 0...+50 degs.Celsius;
   - humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degs.Celsius.


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