Building in  3-way PIC controlled seuencer in the old PA models.

We building in new 3-way PIC controlled sequencer from 2009 Jan. in every VHF and UHF models.
You can build in the sequencer easy in your old model.
Please drill  3 pcs 9mm dia holes on the rear panel. The distance between holes is 20mm.
Please mount the sequencer PCB with two plastic holder and 2pcs 2.5mm dia screw to the rear panel.
If it is difficult for you, you can mount the PCB on any free place on the bottom side of the amplifier.
On this case you mount only new separate 3 RCA connectors on the rear panel, (6.5mm dia holes!!)
and connect them to the center output holes on the sequencer panel with short isolated wires.

The CON1 pins of 6 pole PCB connector of sequencer:

1 UCC +12-15V UCU-01,JP9/8 pin.
3 PTT in +5V RX,GND TX PTT_in RCA (5V,2mA)
4 TCVR_GND_out high on RX,GND TX  
5 PA GND out +12V on RX, GND TX  pin JP3/6 on UCU-01
6 PREAMP GND_out high on RX, GND TX  

 You have to connect the pin 1 to +12-15V, the pin 2 to the GND, the pin5 to the
JP3/6 on UCU01 control unit.(the old PTT_in green wire).

If we installed well everything every green LED's will lit on  the sequencer unit after switch on the amplifier.
When we put shortcut to the PTT input RCA (red) the PRE red led will lit at once, the PA led after 50msec,
and finally the TVR red 3mm led  50msec later.The max load of every sequencer output is 60Vand 1Amper.
So the preamplifier relay will switch  first, after 50msec the PA input and output relay, and finally the
TVR relay switches the transceiver PTT output to the ground parallel with the PA cathode relay.
Every RF relay will switch without RF power- it will save the contacts.
Check the proper connects  of the connectors on the following drawing: